Media kit

About us

Karte Design Fabrik was founded in 2012 by two creative minds with the aim of producing paper goods that reflect the modern yet simple style for which Berlin is known.

Card Design Factory noticed a niche in the market for clean minimalist card designs and used this forward-thinking approach to create a range of Christmas cards that stand out and stand out from the crowd with geometric shapes and muted colors.

The signature cards are now available in leading design, stationery and bookstores around the world.

Design philosophy

The philosophy of the Karte - Design Fabrik is to bring something extraordinary to celebrate and give away.

In both design and production, Karte delivers products that feel unmistakable, well thought-out and up-to-date.

“I love designing cards and gift wrapping because they are not commodities. Like a work of art, they only exist to be beautiful and expressive. ”- Liz.

Our aesthetics are modern and contemporary. We focus on basic design elements like shape and space and then develop our ideas with colors and details to create designs that are unique and thoughtful.

 Our designs convey feelings through graphics and without the use of text. This approach creates an interesting space for interpretation, self-expression and inspiration.

Design & manufacture

Our cards are designed and manufactured in Berlin from the highest quality materials.

Our preferred material is a white 350GSM premium paper from sustainable forestry with a natural uncoated surface.

As a result, our cards offer an excellent writing surface for fountain pens, ballpoint pens, pencils or markers. They do not print through or run, and the quality can be clearly felt in the structure and strength.

Karte supports local expertise and craftsmanship by printing all of our cards on site in Berlin.

Each card is individually checked and packed by hand.

Resellers & Affiliations

Card Design Factory's products are sold in art shops and galleries around the world.

We sell over 40,000 cards annually, both domestically and through our distributors. We are able to produce larger quantities and are familiar with volume pricing, customs and export.

We work with the leading design and furniture stores across Germany and are also the choice of many leading architecture, design and media agencies looking for unique seasonal cards for customers and industrial partners.

We are also proud members of several industry associations such as Der Grüne Punkt & GS1 and pursue an environmentally sustainable approach to our business.